Winners of the Name the Nameless and Empower the Powerless Contest

15 Feb



Thank you everybody who played along. There were some amazing suggestions for names and powers. I won’t lie though, a couple of those Talents were amazing. I wish I’d thought of them myself because we’re talking epic on a hero level.

I tallied all the votes and it was clear that Andrea has the best social connections (and possibly blackmail on a lot of her friends) because she actually won every poll. But in order to spread the love around a little more evenly, I picked the next highest votes for the categories she didn’t win.

Here are the winners of the contest:


Windle Tempest- suggested by Andrew

Silver Whittaker- suggested by Jennifer


Everett William- suggested by Clarissa


Organic magic and the ability to communicate with living things- suggested by Andrea

And that should be the end of things, but because I’m a writer and writers be crazy, I’ve decided to use the next female runner up name for my upcoming short story, Hunter & Prey that should be coming out sometime later this week.


Quinn Flowers- suggested by Tess

To recap, the winners will be receiving free copies of I Wish and Your Word is My Bond for themselves and a friend. They will also get to write a blurb that will appear in the front of YWIMB and on a static page here on my blog that includes a self promoting link to any site you want. If you’re drawing a blank on what you’d like to link to, you might consider your own blog, your web site, an Etsy store, Facebook, Twitter, a recently published book of your own… really anywhere you’d like to drive a little traffic. Tess will also get the blurb and link, but hers will be in the front of Hunter & Prey as well as here.

And because at the time I put this contest together I hadn’t finalized any plans for the short story collection, I’m going to go ahead and throw that into the mix just for funsies. That will be available sometime early next week so you’ll have to wait just a bit longer on that one.

If you’ve won, please send me an email at wrenemerson(at)gmail(dot)com. Here’s what I’m looking for from you:

* What format you prefer your books in (epub for Nook or .prc for Kindle) you’ll need to side load these onto your devices and I can help walk you through the process if you don’t know how.

* The email of your friend, if you know it. If not, you’ll have to ask them to contact me directly.

* What format your friend prefers (or have them tell me if they are writing to me directly).

* Your blurb and your link. Your blurb can be a little bio or the story of your inspiration for the name. Try to keep it to about 3-5 sentences so that I can fit them all on a page.

If you have any other questions, let me know and we’ll figure it out. Thank you all for making this contest a success. I wasn’t sure if I could pull something like this off, but the response was freakin’ awesome!

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